๐Ÿ“šMy classroom๐Ÿ“š

This is my classroom life. I am obsessed with sock monkey and COLOR!

I wanted to be able to show my classroom and it’s schematics. From the word wall, to the magnetic letters area, I have created a classroom environment I am so happy with.

The green circles on the tables are for dry erase teacher table mats which I use to work one on one with the students and also to see their work.

I use the daily five method. I have a listening center, spelling/sight word center, writing center, read-to-self center, teacher table, smartboard sounds center, CVC center and reading street with a tutor center. It enables the size of the groups to be lower which in turn enables the instruction to be more one on two or three correspondences.

I use the colored boxes (we call them rainbow boxes) with the kids assigned numbers for storing their work to be graded. This also helps me collect writing samples and work I want to show parents that I choose not to send home (yet!).

The magnetic letters center has that yellow clip with all the sight words attached it to switch out every week that the students need to know for first grade. They create and discuss these words with their group when they reach that center. When I feel as if those words are mastered I put the students spelling words in the sight words place.

I keep the tan bin at the reading street group (that works with the tutor) for group reading. All of the books and assessment checklists sheets for each skill I want assessed is in there as well. It keeps that group not only focused on reading out loud, but also focusing on a skill at hand (the checklist lists the students first name, and two boxes beside their name yes or no whether they got it or not-with the specific skill at the top of the paper). I keep these on hand to switch out the standard, for assessment, data analysis and grades for the grade book. It helps so much!! Please comment if you have any questions or ideas of your own!

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