🌽Popcorn SightWords🌽

I need more focus on sightwords for my class. So this was my thanksgiving break mission. 

In small groups, each student will be given their own popcorn box. Then the students will take turns (in order) drawing popcorn pieces. The goal of the game is for the students to be able to successfully say their popcorn sight words to each other and then try and shoot it into their popcorn box to fill it to a line I make inside of each box. The first to fill their popcorn box, saying each word correctly wins! But if a word is said incorrectly they have to give it to the student who’s turn is coming up next! I predetermine the players order and they always go “clockwise” just like in their everyday centers. 

Unsure if that makes sense lol but if it doesn’t I can message you any answers to questions you may have! I got glued the words onto Pom-poms I bought from the dollar tree for easy throwing that won’t cause chaos in the classroom. 

✨Here is the template I made for TpT:✨ https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Popcorn-Sight-Words-Game-2896500 

On TpT I organized the popcorn words into all of the different sounds, blends, digraohs and word families for other uses for teachers! 

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