Creativity is vital to a classroom. I believe it has been pushed to wayside in some ways. I am here to bring it to light about its importance. Our children need structure , of course, but they also need the freedom to be themselves and have a moment of creative “free” time to design. Whether this be designing by drawing, cutting and pasting a 3D house, writing a secret code to their friends, making a paper purse whatever the dream be; It is necessary. Even if only ten minutes a day at a designated time period that works for you.        This is my time for my students to engage their brains with no forced rules or regulations. Daily, we enter the room, I turn on zen music and my students have their time to create whatever they desire, as long as they are not disturbing someone else’s learning/engagement of creativity. I believe whole heartedly it is a chance for their brains to be unlimited and their creative minds to let loose on their intellectual excellence of genius ideas that pour from their hearts; applying it with whatever tools they choose. I am not saying creativity is not applied within each of my lessons, units, social interactions, or centers etc., I am simply stating the beauty of my room and the peace I see after letting the kids have their “me” time, that they might not get at home. Happy Presidents’ Day!! 

 ๐ŸŒธSincerely, Room 219๐ŸŒธ

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